our Team

Here are the people who drive your fitness success.

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nick ridenour

Nick Ridenour is the founder/owner/operator at PRIMAL and is also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and has been a fitness coach for 10+ years.  He's got a long list of continuing education through NASM and has seen and tried it all.


dennis timmerman

Dennis Timmerman is a health and fitness coach whose goal is to help give as many people as he can the knowledge and skills needed to take control and to unlock the strongest, happiest, healthiest version of themselves.  He focuses first on MOVEMENT QUALITY to optimize safety in training, and to set up a stable foundation to build functional strength on, along with being a certified nutrition coach.


travis klinghagen

Travis Klinghagen uses his experience in Olympic weightlifting, sprinting, Strongman, and nutrition programming to help individuals improve their athletic performance and reach their full potential.

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tanner husman

Tanner will help you build your body up and make you strong like GORILLA


seth boomsma

Since Day one, Seth Boomsma’s passion has always lied in Athletic Performance and through lots of trial & error and some world class mentors, he have developed a philosophy that will help contribute to whatever your goal may be (Speed, Strength, Power, Vertical Jump, Weight Loss, etc.). He makes sure he never loses sight of the primary goal, which is to personally help clientele transform into the very best they can be.