Nick Ridenour

NICK RIDENOUR is the founder/owner/operator at PRIMAL and is also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and has been a fitness coach for 10+ years.  He’s got a long list of continuing education through NASM and has seen and tried it all.

Nick built PRIMAL with the goal of giving people a gym that was less about the newest trend of the week, and focused more on the functional basics that will always work.  He built out the gym around moving not only free weights, but also your own body.  He knew that learning how to move and stabilize your body, along with learning how to control and stabilize free weights would give not only better performance results for athletes, but also improve the quality of life for ordinary people as well.

Nick designed PRIMAL around the idea that literally anybody could come in and train and get better.  Whether it’s a top athlete trying to get the edge on the competition, or a Grandmother that just wants to gain confidence in her movement again, Nick can help guide anybody in reaching their goals.

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