Dennis Timmerman

 DENNIS TIMMERMAN is a health and fitness coach whose goal is to help give as many people as he can the knowledge and skills needed to take control and to unlock the strongest, happiest, healthiest version of themselves.  He focuses first on MOVEMENT QUALITY to optimize safety in training, and to set up a stable foundation to build functional strength on.  Utilizing your own bodyweight, kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells, and lots of other tools to enhance your work capacity, strength, and conditioning.  Dennis is a RKC certified Kettlebell Instructor and has went deep into the PRINCIPLES OF MOVEMENT to help optimize your overall movement patterns.

 His goal isn’t to make you better in the gym just so you can do impressive things in the gym.  When you move well, and get stronger, the things life have to throw at you are more manageable.  Keeping up and playing with your kids is easier(and funner!).  The ability to manage hard situations becomes easier.  Your mind develops strength as your body develops strength.

 Dennis is also a Precision Nutrition certified coach and will work with you to find the right nutrition plan for you.  Rather than focusing on a quick fix diet, he will help you build healthy, sustainable HABITSThis will not only improve your health, but also your physique, with a focus on long-term behavior changes that will help you create your healthiest life. 


 Dennis will work with you to build your own personal “health and fitness story”.  We will look back at your past experiences with working out and nutrition to see not only what has worked, as well as what has not worked for you, along with getting an idea of what kind of training and nutrition that would be right for you moving forward.  Everybody has different STARTING POINTS and END GOALS, and it’s important to be clear and honest on what those are in order to find the best plan for YOU.

 “There is no one “best diet” or “best training program”.  The best program is the one that you will do consistently over time in a sustainable way, and so it is important as a coach for me to not only give you what you need, but also what you want.  Training can be fun AND effective at the same time, and if you genuinely enjoy your fitness and nutrition plan, chances are much better that you’ll stick with it over the long term.”

 The goal is to help you re-write the rest of your story.  To give you FREEDOM and CONTROL over your own health and wellness.  Whether you have weight to lose, want to get stronger, or just build up confidence to move more effectively through life and feel better than you do now, Dennis can help you start re-writing your story so you can be the HERO of the story.


“These three right here are the reason why health and fitness are NOT an option for me.  If I don’t lead by example and embody how to lead a healthy life, WHO WILL?”


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